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We specialize in helping individuals and families prepare for and live in retirement. We do this by looking at your entire financial picture and providing you with a detailed plan that has everything you need to succeed. We believe that an educated investor is an empowered investor.

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Retirement Planning

For many people, retirement income may come from a variety of sources. Here’s a quick review of the six main sources:

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Cash Balance Plans

Cash Balance Plans are a type of qualified retirement plan that can allow business owners and highly compensated employees (HCEs) to accelerate savings and maximize tax deductions. 

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Managing Your 401(k) Assets

RFG Advisory, through our affiliation with FeeX, is able to manage our clients’ 401(k)s, 403(b)s, HSAs, and even annuities—wherever they are held.

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Long-term care and whole Life Insurance coverage can be complex. Here’s a list of questions to ask that may help you better understand the costs and benefits of these policies.

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<p>When to Self-Insure</p>

When to Self-Insure

Choosing to bear the financial burden of an adverse event is called self-insuring. Do you know what that entails?
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<p>Keeping Good Records is Good Business</p>

Keeping Good Records is Good Business

Maintaining good records for your business not only helps to meet your tax and legal obligations, but it can save you money.
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<p>Questions to Ask About Medicare</p>

Questions to Ask About Medicare

Take the guesswork out of your IEP or SEP with this helpful article.
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